Reviews of Internet Jewelers

diamond silver colored ringWith today’s security measures, internet-savvy consumers are making more and more personal and expensive purchases online. Also, it makes perfect sense that you buy your jewelry from reputable online jewelers. Not only can you save money, but you can also save time, have fun and get a far better quality diamond piece which also is discussed on this website.


The internet is full of people selling jewelry, how do you find online jewelers that are reputable, trustworthy and that will give you the customer service that you’d expect from an offline store? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This article lists the reputable online jewelry stores and explains why you should be looking for them.


Reputable Online Diamond Jewelers

James Allen – James Allen is one of the leading online jewelers who provide real images and magnified videos of diamonds. You get peace of mind when you buy from this online store. Why? James Allen also provides a free service like having an in-house gemologist who will help you evaluate your choice. The most important part is you get to see exactly what your diamond ring looks like in real life. Plus, you can cherry-pick from the various selection of certified diamonds of GIA/AGS.

White Flash – White Flash is a Houston-based jeweler. They specialize in the designer engagement rings and the AGS super ideal diamond cuts. Check this online jeweler out if you are looking for a beautiful princess diamond or ideal cut rounds. Furthermore, they offer a great selection of designer rings.

Brian Gavin – Brian Gavin is the man behind the famous hearts and arrows diamonds. He is the man who patented some diamond cutting styles like the cushion hearts and arrows. Recently, he launched their ideal cut emerald diamonds that serve as their signature line. If you want the best for the best, this place is the best place to go to.

They are my top 3 reputable online jewelers. Your money will never be put into waste if you buy whichever from them. With this being said, take note that it is important to establish a good rapport with the jeweler you like. This would become a perfect place to do any of your special occasions or holiday shopping, most especially if they treat you like a treasure that you already are. Without customers, they are like everyone else who would not run a business. So, if you are not treated the way that you deserve, find someone else who would. This is the best way to tell a business owner your opinion about their business, by being a loyal customer or leave them flat when they treat you bad.

Some sites are better than others. So, a good idea is to do a little bit of homework. Always remember that some may vary by just selling all sterling silver. Some may sell only turquoise, but that’s part of the fun, find just what suits you and your tastes. Also, it is nice to maybe have two or three stores you like to look at, for whatever mood you’re in, or for just the right “something” that you can give as a present to a friend or your special someone.

Do Product Reviews Tell You Everything You Need to Know?

Do Product Reviews Tell You Everything You Need to Know?

One of the more helpful aspects of the Internet is the plethora of product reviews available for nearly any random item you may want to buy. These reviews allow you to take an in-depth look at a product and know their ins and outs before you ever set down your hard earned money. At least, that’s what we expect. Do product reviews really live up to that promise, though? It turns out that, much like with many other forms of information online, the truth is often a little bit more complicated to find.

1. Consumer Reviews may Focus on the Wrong Thing

On the face of it, consumer review for watches seem like they should be the most reliable ones available. After all, these reviews are made by normal customers who have purchased and used the product, with no particular agenda or bias. The problem is that these reviewers also very often also lack expertise. For simple products this can be fine, but for more sophisticated gear this becomes a problem. For example, a user may be asked by their boss to use a device management app which enforces strict security settings – then proceed to review the app poorly because they’re angry at the settings that their corporation decided to set.

2. Professional Reviews can be Out of Touch

So if consumers lack the knowledge to make a solid review, then surely professional reviews can pick up the slack, right? Well, not necessarily. It’s true that for the most part, professional reviewers know their particular niche intimately, however this is very often because they’re enthusiasts who can very often lose sight of what an average every-day user cares about in a product. I’ll use the tech sector again as an example: for any given model of the smartphone, there are usually tons of reviews that will delve in to exhaustive details about how many megapixels the camera has, what processor architecture it uses, how many gigabytes of RAM it has, etc. The truth is most people care about none of that – all they want to know is if the phone looks good and if it can load their favorite apps without choking.  Here is a video on what makes a good product review.

3. Many Reviews are Paid Off or Made Up on the Spot

This problem isn’t unique to just product reviews – the web is practically infected with false (or at best extremely biased) information. When a shadier manufacturer is looking to sell their product, there are plenty of websites out there where he can find people willing to write him a glowing review for a little money. These reviewers-for-hire usually only give the product a cursory look, or in some cases just make everything up! Talking about reviews also means talking about This site will help you to understand which products are worth buying or not. You might actually also check out this website for other reasons too. The owner wants you to achieve total freedom in your 20s or 30s. We totally support this cause and this website. The only bad review we have to give to the globalisation guide is for some partial racist statements on one of the articles.

So… Are Reviews Bad?

Despite these three points, I’d still argue that there is value in online product reviews. You just have to keep in mind that just like with everything else on the Internet you need to stay smart and know where to find reliable information. When looking at consumer reviewers, try to focus on users who seem to know what they’re talking about. When reading professional reviews find websites that speak to your personal level of interest – if you’re not an enthusiast of the product then go to an enthusiast’s blog, etc. And of course with both professional AND consumer reviews you need to stay on your toes and be on the lookout for any that look like they may have been paid off or biased in some way.