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The Dungeons comes to the States in Summer 2014

The Dungeons are a chain of haunt themed family “midway” attractions operated across Europe by Merlin Entertainments who also owns Ripley’s, Legoland and SeaLife Aquariums. At long last the Dungeons are crossing the pond and opening their first U.S. location in San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf on June 26th. The San Francisco Dungeon is a high-tech, highly themed haunted attraction that combines true history , fear and black humor to scare and entertain guests. The attraction breaks guests into small groups and pulses them through the nine different shows and attractions guided by actors. The Dungeons researched local history and based the experiences on colorful characters from the past like Miss Piggott, Shanghai Kelly and a rat catcher.

At TransWorld we had the chance to sit down with Nick Farmer who has developed several of the shows and attractions for various Dungeon locations. Nick gave us a preview of some of the  upcoming attractions and his favorite stories in San Francisco. All the experiences are based on local stories and cover a number of events and time periods and local settings. One of the main shows Miss Piggott’s Saloon is based on a local bar owner  who was known to get tourist drunk only to have them disappear through trap doors in her floor. Once you tricked by Miss Piggott, guests are sold to her friend Shanghai Kelly which brings them to San Francisco’s main attraction. The Shanghai Kelly Boat ride takes guests on a dark ride describing  the black trade of shanghaiing, where revelers are sold as laborers to work on ships. Riders will find out if they are worthy to join the captain’s crew or if they will meet another fate. Other shows will take audiences through the Black Death that plagued the streets of San Fran, the ghosts of Alcatraz, the Gold Rush and the courtroom of an unmerciful judge. When asked, Farmer said he has noticed a difference between european and american haunted attractions. European haunts tend to focus more on ghostly stories while American only go  for shock value with much more blood and gore.

The San Francisco Dungeon will use state of the art effects and theming to make audiences laugh as well as scream. The Dungeon is meant to be scary fun for the entire family and is recommended for ages 10 and up. Online tickets will be available soon and will save guests $7 off the normal $26 ticket price at the door. You may also register for updates and to win tickets to the launch party on the attractions website at